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The Best AI-Generated Videos [May 2023]

If 2022 was the year of AI-generated images, 2023 is already turning into the year of AI-generated videos. AI-generated videos have taken the internet by storm. At the moment, they’re a bit clunky, and a bit weird, but they’re impressive in the fact that they were made completely through AI. These are some of the best examples of AI-generated videos we’ve seen over the last few weeks.

1.Burning Man AI Video

This video shows a glimpse of the iconic Burning Man festival, but was made completely by AI. The video features dancing revellers, giant structures, and of course, a giant burning man. The trippy video was mad by Twitter user Kris Kashtanova using RunwayML and Gen2. The music of the video was generated by AI as well through Mubert.

2. World War 2 AI video

It can take sets, costumes and tons of money to produce a period movie, but AI seems to do it effortlessly. Twitter user Ammaar Reshi craeted a World War 2 movie trailer over a weekend. The video was completely AI-generated — the script was written by GPT-4, the video was generated with RunwayML, and Michael Caine’s narration was also AI-generated by Eleven Labs. The video features many dramatic moments from World War 2, including marching armies, burning tanks, and an appearance by some of the major characters from the war. The AI generated video drew plenty of attention on Twitter, getting hundreds of retweets.

3. Beer Commercial AI video

This beer commercial is completely generated by AI. It shows a group of revelers having a gala time while chugging their favourite beer. The video clearly feels like it’s made by AI with some distortions, but managed to create a party without any sets, costumes and actors. If this trend continues, AI videos could catch on in the advertising space.

4. Ice Cream Wonderland AI Video

While some of the AI videos on this list include lots of different scenes and take some time to put together, people are now making AI videos while sitting in restaurants with their phones. A Twitter user managed to create an ice-cream dreamland with a single prompt. The video showed trees made of ice cream waving magically in the wind.

5. Pizza commercial AI Video

If someone had made a beer commercial with AI, someone else has managed to make a pizza commercial with AI. The ad showed some delectable pizza shots, and happy customers enjoying pizza. There were some distortions that are currently typical of AI videos, but the video looked realistic enough all the same. Everything in the video, from the VO to the images were made entirely by AI in three hours. The clips were later assembled in Adobe After Effects.

6. Dark Knight trailer AI Video

Twitter user @NathanBoey recreated the Dark Knight trailer with AI. The video was made with Runway ML’s Gen2. It had many of the distortions common in AI videos — the lips didn’t move to the speech, and videos had the curious flickering effect that’s common in AI videos — but was a remarkably faithful rendering of the original. What makes AI videos such as these even more impressive is that they’re made nearly entirely for free, without the involvement of any big budget Hollywood studios.

7. Apopcalytic movie trailer AI video

This AI generated video shows a apocalyptic movie trailer with explosions, plumes of smoke and panicked humans. It’s made with Runway ML, and is pretty realistic given how it’s essentially been made for free with no sets or props.

8. Animated movie AI video

This is a dreamy sequence showing animated animals in a forest. The dreamlike sequence was made in RunwayML’s Gen2 product.

9. Helmet City AI Video

This AI generated video features cool imagery and some action scenes. “An all-AI-generated video using #HelmetCity images generated on Midjourney and combining them with written prompts on Runway ML Gen2 Text to Video, then finally edited in premiere pro,” the video’s creator said.

10. Quaint Club AI video

Most AI generated clips tend to be quite short — it’s computationally expensive to create AI clips — but someone has managed to create 19 minutes of clips. The clips were created using Runway ML’s Gen-2 tool.

11. Wes Anderson Star Wars Trailer AI Video

And finally, AI video also allows for interesting mashups. Someone has put together a Star Wars Trailer in the style of iconic filmmmaker Wes Anderson. The trailer features Anderson’s trademark front-on shots, colour schemes, and quirky fonts.