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Academic Papers Are Cropping Up With The Phrase “As An AI Language Model”, Indicating Widespread AI Plagiarism

ChatGPT is being used for all kinds of purposes, but not all of them might be equally legitimate. Academic papers have started popping up with the phrase “As an AI language model.” As discovered by Twitter user Andrew Kean Gao, there are several papers on Google scholar with this particular phrase. “As an AI language […]

OpenAI Has Quietly Shut Down Its AI Text Detection System Over Low Accuracy

While a whole slew of startups have sprung up over the last few months claiming to detect if text was written by AI, and others are resorting to more unconventional methods, the company responsible for creating most of the text itself doesn’t seem to be able to reliably tell if some text with generated by […]

Some Schools Now Ask For Homework On Google Docs So Document History Can Tell If It Was Written By ChatGPT

ChatGPT has given students a way to cheat on their assignments, but schools are now fighting back — and with some unconventional approaches. Schools are now supposedly asking students to submit their homework via Google Docs to prevent cheating through ChatGPT. “Was talking to my cousin in high school about ChatGPT,” wrote Twitter user Tara […]