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OpenAI Has Quietly Shut Down Its AI Text Detection System Over Low Accuracy

While a whole slew of startups have sprung up over the last few months claiming to detect if text was written by AI, and others are resorting to more unconventional methods, the company responsible for creating most of the text itself doesn’t seem to be able to reliably tell if some text with generated by […]

We Haven’t Made ChatGPT Dumber, Says OpenAI After Multiple Reports Of Degraded Performance

There’s no shortage of reports on Twitter on how ChatGPT isn’t quite as powerful as it was when it was first released, but OpenAI has refuted the charges. OpenAI has said that it hasn’t been making ChatGPT dumber with time. “No, we haven’t made GPT-4 dumber. Quite the opposite: we make each new version smarter […]

OpenAI Could Look To Raise $100 Billion To Create AI Models That Improve Themselves: Report

OpenAI is already be one of the most valuable startups in the world with a valuation of nearly $30 billion, but the company might just be getting started. OpenAI could raise as much as $100 billion in the coming years, The Information reports. This has been privately discussed by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. OpenAI will […]

OpenAI President Greg Brockman Says He Was Blown Away By ChatGPT’s Emergent Property Of Adding 40-Digit Numbers

The world has been marveling at the capabilities of ChatGPT, but even the program’s creators were once left amazed at its responses. OpenAI President Greg Brockman has revealed how he was blown away when ChatGPT was able to add together two 40-digit numbers. “Let us know something that blew your mind, something that you did […]