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Meta Releases New Llama Model That’s Open-Source And Available For Commercial Use

Meta’s Llama model had been initially released for research purposes, but its weights had ultimately been leaked, enabling it to become the basis of dozens of open-source models. But Meta has now released a new version of Llama that’s explicitly open-source and open for commercial use. Meta has released Llama v-2, which is open source […]

Meta’s New MMS Project Can Perform Speech-To-Text For 1,100 Languages

Meta might not be making too many headlines in mainstream media about its AI programs, but it’s quietly releasing some very impressive AI research — and open sourcing it to boot. Meta has released Massively Multilingual Speech (MMS) project, through which it can turn speech to text, and vice versa, for over 1,100 languages. “Our […]

New Model LIMA Claims To Provide GPT-4-Like Quality After Being Fine-Tuned On Only 1000 Curated Examples

Thus far, the conventional wisdom appears to have been that larger models and larger fine-tuning datasets would lead to more sophisticated models, but this is increasingly being put to the test. A new model named LIMA claims to provide performance comparable to GPT-4 after being fine-tuned on only a set of 1000 curated examples. LIMA, […]

After The Segment Anything Model, Meta Releases Another Open-Source Computer Vision Model Named DINOv2

It’s been thought that the AI battle is being played out mainly between Google and OpenAI, but Meta — in the last few weeks — has made some impressive new releases. Meta has announced the release of DINOv2, which it says is a self-supervised Vision Transformer Model. DINOv2 are “a family of foundation models producing¬†universal […]