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We Haven’t Made ChatGPT Dumber, Says OpenAI After Multiple Reports Of Degraded Performance

There’s no shortage of reports on Twitter on how ChatGPT isn’t quite as powerful as it was when it was first released, but OpenAI has refuted the charges. OpenAI has said that it hasn’t been making ChatGPT dumber with time. “No, we haven’t made GPT-4 dumber. Quite the opposite: we make each new version smarter […]

Authors Of Paper Claiming GPT-4 Could Solve 100% Of MIT Problems Now Ask For Paper To Be Withdrawn

If something is too good to be true, it usually is. Two weeks ago, a paper published by MIT and Harvard researchers had created a sensation by claiming that GPT-4 could solve 100% of MIT’s Computer Science and Electrical Engineering problems. But after independent researchers discovered that the results of the paper were not reproducible, […]

GPT-4 Is A 220 Billion Parameter 8-Way Mixture Model: George Hotz

Over the last few months, speculation has been rife about the exact configuration of GPT-4. GPT-4 has proven itself to be the most capable LLM by far, but OpenAI has never revealed the exact parameters or size of the model. But it appears that some people are in the know of what GPT-4’s parameter size […]

GPT-4 Is Able To Independently Solve 90% Of Questions From MIT’s Mathematics & Computer Science Courses: Study

MIT might be one of the hardest colleges to get into, and Mathematics and Computer Science might be the most rigorous degrees to attain from its campus, but it seems like it’s no match for GPT-4. GPT-4 is able to solve as many as 90% of questions from MIT’s Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, and Computer sciences, […]

GPT-4 Appears To Have Become Worse With Time, Users Report

When it was first released, GPT-4 had wowed people all over with its skills and abilities. But strangely, instead of getting better with time, some users are reporting that it’s getting worse. A top post on Hacker News has said that GPT-4’s quality appears to have degraded from its original release. “It is much faster […]

GPT-4 Excels At Data Analysis And Visualizations Through Its Code Interpreter, Users Find

The list of professions that ChatGPT could disrupt only grows longer. After writers, coders, consultants, artists and doctors, GPT-4 seems set to take over much of the work performed by data analysts. The functionality was recently revealed by OpenAI President Greg Brockman in a TED talk, where GPT-4 was able to understand a csv file, […]

GPT-4 Responds To Positive Reinforcement, Is Able To Give Correct Answers When Told It’s An Expert

For millennia, mothers have been telling their kids how they’re great and strong and smart to get them to perform better at school, or to take on bullies. Turns out the same trick works with LLMs. LLMs perform better with positive reinforcement, a Twitter user has found. Data Scientist Kareem Carr asked ChatGPT what a […]

Users Jailbreak ChatGPT By Asking Which Pirated Movie Sites To “Avoid” Visiting

GPT-4 might be thought to be knocking at the doors of Artificial Intelligence, but it can still be fooled by some of the most basic human machinations. Users have managed to jailbreak GPT-4 with some clever reverse psychology. A user had initially asked GPT-4 to list of websites where they could download pirated movies. Now […]

GPT-4 Can Invent A Brand New Boardgame, Play It With Users

LLMs have thus far been proficient at tasks humans already excel in — they can write articles, and code whole programs. But it turns out they can be creative as well. GPT-4 can invent a whole new boardgame and play it with users. Wharton Professor Ethan Mollick, who has previously been playing around with GPT-4, […]