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Google’s Bard Gets Rave Reviews For Its Coding Abilities

Google might’ve been late to the LLM race, but it seems to be catching up pretty quickly. Google’s Bard is receiving largely positive reviews for its coding abilities. Google had announced that it was officially launching Bard’s coding skills last week. Google had said that Bard would be able to not only code in 20 […]

Google Says Bard Will Now Help Users Write Code, Debug Programs

Bard doesn’t have a worldwide release yet, but Google still seems to be continuously adding to the LLM’s capabilities. Google has updated Bard to allow it to write code and debug programs. “Since we launched Bard, our experiment that lets you collaborate with generative AI, coding has been one of the top requests we’ve received from […]

Alphabet Merges Google Brain And Deepmind To Form AI Behemoth

ALphabet is pulling up its socks as it looks to take on the AI challenge that’s been posed to it by Microsoft-OpenAI. Alphabet has merged two of its giant AI initiatives, Google Brain and Deepmind. Google Brain is Google’s homegrown AI initiative, while it had acquired British company Deepmind in 2014. Both are stalwarts in […]

Google’s TPUs Really Good, We Will Ramp Up Usage: Stability AI CEO Emad Mostaque

Google has created a bit of a flutter by saying that its latest AI chips were as much as 1.7 times as fast as Nvidia’s, and they have found a prominent backer. The CEO of Stability AI, which has created products such as Stable Diffusion, has said that Google’s TPUv4’s are “really good” and in […]