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Google DeepMind Says Its AI Has Discovered A New Sorting Algorithm That’s Up To 70% Faster Than Current Algorithms

Most AI developments in the recent past have been around AI systems doing what humans do, but much faster and for cheaper. But AI is now doing things that humans could themselves find it hard to do. Google DeepMind says its AI has discovered a faster sorting algorithm. “We introduce AlphaDev, an artificial intelligence (AI) […]

Alphabet Merges Google Brain And Deepmind To Form AI Behemoth

ALphabet is pulling up its socks as it looks to take on the AI challenge that’s been posed to it by Microsoft-OpenAI. Alphabet has merged two of its giant AI initiatives, Google Brain and Deepmind. Google Brain is Google’s homegrown AI initiative, while it had acquired British company Deepmind in 2014. Both are stalwarts in […]