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Academic Papers Are Cropping Up With The Phrase “As An AI Language Model”, Indicating Widespread AI Plagiarism

ChatGPT is being used for all kinds of purposes, but not all of them might be equally legitimate. Academic papers have started popping up with the phrase “As an AI language model.” As discovered by Twitter user Andrew Kean Gao, there are several papers on Google scholar with this particular phrase. “As an AI language […]

Some Schools Now Ask For Homework On Google Docs So Document History Can Tell If It Was Written By ChatGPT

ChatGPT has given students a way to cheat on their assignments, but schools are now fighting back — and with some unconventional approaches. Schools are now supposedly asking students to submit their homework via Google Docs to prevent cheating through ChatGPT. “Was talking to my cousin in high school about ChatGPT,” wrote Twitter user Tara […]

Lawyer In Trouble With Judge After ChatGPT Cited Made-Up Cases In Filing

There’s no shortage of reports of people having saved countless hours at works thanks to ChatGPT, but using ChatGPT in the real world can also lead to some unintended consequences. A lawyer in the US has been pulled up by the courts after he used ChatGPT for a filing and it cited cases which didn’t […]

Nassim Nicholas Taleb Isn’t Impressed With ChatGPT

The world might be raving about ChatGPT and its capabilities, but one of its most independent — and outspoken — thinkers isn’t impressed. Nassim Nicholas Taleb, the author of books such as Fooled by Randomness and Black Swan, has been steadfast in his assertions that ChatGPT isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. “ChatGPT […]