OpenAI Purchases Domain, Redirects It To ChatGPT

There had been several comments on how ChatGPT was a transformational technology, but its name itself was a bit underwhelming, and a bit of a mouthful — most ChatGPT users still don’t know what the GPT stands for. But OpenAI appears to have now fixed that issue by buying a much relatable more domain name. is now redirecting to, indicating that OpenAI has purchased the domain. had been reported to be sold last month, but wasn’t directing to a particular site. It now is directing to OpenAI, indicating that the hottest company in the AI space now owns the AI domain.

But while OpenAI might’ve bought the domain to show its primacy in the Artificial Intelligence space, it’s also set off the rumour mills. There had been much consternation online about how OpenAI had deviated from its original mission of being open source, and had become for-profit. Many observers felt that redirecting to OpenAI was fitting, because the company wasn’t “open” any more.

It remains to be seen if OpenAI officially drops Open from its name, but it’s clear that the company could’ve dropped a few million dollars on acquiring, and shows how hungry it is to maintain its primacy in the AI space.