1.How are the avatars generated?!

The avatars are generated using Artificial Intelligence. After you upload your pictures on our site, we train a Machine Learning model on those images. This process is computationally intensive and takes time. Once the computer understands what “you” look like, we can ask it to create different images featuring you.

2. Why is MagicWand AI not free?

It costs us computational resources to train an AI model on your likeness. Training a model requires GPUs, which are expensive to run on the cloud. As such, we charge a nominal fee for generating the AI avatars.

3. Where can I use MagicWand’s AI generated avatars?

You’re free to use MagicWandAI’s avatars anywhere you want. You can use them as your profile pictures on websites, post them on social media and share them with friends. You can also use them for commercial purposes if you’d like.

4. How many AI generated avatars does MagicWandAI provide?

MagicWandAI currently gives you 50 unique AI-generated avatars. These avatars are sent to your email.

5. How long will it take for me to receive MagicWandAI’s avatars?

The time in which you receive your avatars will depend on the traffic we’re experiencing and your position in the queue. However, we send out the AI-generated avatars within 24 hours of you placing the order.