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Listen: AI Generates Song Sung In Drake’s Voice

If the internet is already littered with AI-generated deepfake videos, could AI-generated songs be far behind?

A song sung by Drake is currently going viral on TikTok. Shared by user “ghostwriter977”, it features Drake singing in his signature style. The only catch? Drake never sang the song. It’s generated by AI.

The fact that this is now possible to create such songs could completely upend the music industry. If AI can make any artist sing any song, a day couldn’t be far when users could simply choose their favourite artist, and get an AI to generate them singing a song from a completely different artist. This was also referenced by Stability AI CEO Emad Mostaque, who’s behind the popular Stable Diffusion image generation platform. He wrote “Coming”, when a user had shared what a future version of Spotify could look like, which could allow any artist to “sing” your favourite song through AI.

But things might not be as simple. The music industry is exceedingly litigious, and will likely take products like these to the courts. Napster had similarly tried to provide free music in the early 2000s, but after protracted court battles, was eventually shut down. It could be a while before record labels are comfortable with their artists’ voices — and songs — be created artificially or sung by other singers through AI.

But the Drake AI song shows the potential that AI could soon have in disrupting all kinds of fields. AI is already exceedingly proficient at white collar tasks like coding, and even things like solving McKinsey case studies; with image generation tools like Midjourney and now music demos like the Drake AI song, it’s becoming increasingly apparent it’s coming for the creative fields as well.

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