Author: Team Magicwand AI

Academic Papers Are Cropping Up With The Phrase “As An AI Language Model”, Indicating Widespread AI Plagiarism

ChatGPT is being used for all kinds of purposes, but not all of them might be equally legitimate. Academic papers have started popping up with the phrase “As an AI language model.” As discovered by Twitter user Andrew Kean Gao, there are several papers on Google scholar with this particular phrase. “As an AI language […]

ChatGPT Generates Strange Responses When Letter ‘a’ Is Entered A 1000 Times

ChatGPT might be solving McKinsey case studies and spatial reasoning problems, but it still trips up in some odd ways. Twitter users have discovered that ChatGPT appears to glitch and return odd answers when it’s presented with the input of the letter ‘a’ repeated a thousand times. For instance, when a user entered ‘a’ 1000 […]