Apple Will Be The Leader In AI In A Few Years: Stable Diffusion’s Emad Mostaque

The conversation around AI has been dominated by a handful of companies — OpenAI has come up with ChatGPT, Google has responded with Bard, and a slew of startups are making smaller products in the space. Amidst all this, not much has been heard from Apple, which is the most valuable company in the world. But one of the most prominent voices in AI feels that Apple is merely waiting in the wings, and could eventually become an AI powerhouse.

Emad Mostaque, the CEO of, which has produced open-source products like Stability Diffussion, feels that Apple will be the leader in AI in a few years. “Which tech company that *currently* hasn’t announced any plans for AI do you think will come out with a product/curveball that no one will expect?” a user asked him on a Twitter AMA. “Apple will be the leader in AI in a few years. Intel is underestimated,” he responded.

He went on to hint at what Apple’s strategy was likely to be. “Do you think Apple main strategy is to have any kind of model to run directly on their device? i.e macbook/iphone I think that they’ll push the idea of personalised AI, as what they have been pushing for PRIVACY idea up until now,” a user asked Mostaque, to which he replied with “Yes”.

He also shared a link which showed how Apple was releasing optimizations to Core ML, its AI framework for deploying ML models on its devices, for Stable Diffusion in macOS 13.1 and iOS 16.2.

This could well be the path that Apple intends to take. Apple is known for patiently waiting until a technology is perfected until it launches it and blows away the competition: it had done it with the iPod, the iPhone, and even products like Airpods. Apple is too big of a company to watch the AI revolution go by, and experts like Emad Mostaque think it’s quietly working on its own AI play before it unveils it for the world to see.

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